Interview with Cuber : Ryosuke Mondo

Ryosuke Mondo di Japan Open 2009

Ryosuke Mondo, cuber Jepang yang sangat hebat di event BLD. Pernah menjadi WR Holder untuk event Multi BLD dengan 7/8 pada Japan Open 2009. Dan 2 kali menjadi WR Holder untuk 5×5 BLD. Sebelum itu, Ryosuke sempat menghebohkan dunia dengan solving Multi BLD 50 cube di Official Competition yang berakhir dengan 33/50 dan memakan waktu kurang lebih 6 jam. Sejak saat itu diterapkan aturan baru untuk event Multi BLD yaitu adanya batasan waktu 1 jam dengan jumlah cube tak terbatas.  Ryosuke Mondo mengubah dunia dengan caranya sendiri

1. When did you start playing Rubik?
Aug/2006. I was college student. I watched Macky (Makisumi) on TV. I was very impressed, then I thought that there is someone can solve rubik’s cube. It’s possible to do that for me. And I bought a cube.

2. Tell me about your cubing progress.
It took me about a year to get sub-30. Then I started to solve cubes with Blind-fold. My first success on BLD was sub 16min with COCPEOEP method. To get sub120, I changed my method for BLD to M2/R2. It’s got me a possibility to solve many cubes with Blind-fold.

3. What method do you use?
I use Fridrich method for 3×3 speed. Modified M2/R2 method for BLD. AA-XX words for memorize(thanks for Chris Hardwick!).

4. Your occupation now?
I’m system engineer. Work for copy machine company (like Xerox).

5. What are the event that you play?
I enjoying every blind events especially multi-BLD.

6. What is your favorite event, why?
Multi-BLD. Because most of people thinks it’s hard but no for me :p. I’m just good at it.

7. What do you think about speedcubing in Indonesia?
I’m away from cubing recently. I just checked the rankings now and amazed for some Indonesian on BLD ranking. I hope them to keep improving at BLD events.

8. What brands do you Cube?
I use cube4you 50mm for Multi-BLD, just because easy for carry.

9. What is your biggest cubing accomplishment?
Changed the rule for BLD. There is time limit for now just because of me.

10. You are very good at BLD. Tell me about your method, memo, etc.
I use modified M2/R2 for solve. AA-XX images list for memo. 24×24=576 images. I have 576 rooms for memo. Each rooms named with images name. And the rooms are real places my neighbor. I took pictures of them and printed. For images too. I put them on my rooms wall to memorize them. It took me 3 month for remain in 1 sec for each images and rooms. Each rooms can hold 4 images. 3 rooms for 1 cube. So I can memo over 100 cubes maybe in 18 hours.

11. 33/50 is awesome. How could you do that?
I have rooms for memorize over 100 cubes. So I just had done it in competition. I Took much time from normal multi-BLD solve to increase the success rate. Also I had to collaborate with a judge. He just came for me to judge the event I attempted. I thanked a lot for him. It took me 5 hours for memo and an hour for solve.

12. Would you come to Indonesia to play with us?
Of course. I’m just not planning to compete Indonesian Open for now though.

13. What you hope for Indonesian cuber?
Just keep cubing for fun and for more good times.

14. Who are potential cuber in your opinion?
No comment on this. Because I’m away from cubing for now.

15. Your cubing hero?
Macky of course

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