Interview with Cuber : Rama Temmink

Rama Temmink dan Matyas Kuti

Rama Temmink, former World Record holder untuk 3×3 One Handed average sebelum akhirnya direbut oleh Yumu Tabuchi dari Jepang. Rama sempat 3 kali merebut WR untuk One Handed Average. Dia mempunyai turning saat OH yang smooth, terlihat pelan tetapi efisien. Sahabat dekat Erik Akkersdijk ini mempunyai darah Indonesia. Ibunya, Maria Oey, adalah ibu dari semua cuber Indonesia. Rama sempat datang ke Indonesia saat kompetisi official pertama di Indonesia, Indonesia Open 2009 diadakan. Nama besarnya di dunia cubing sangat disegani. Oh iya, dia punya akun di lho.

1. When did you start playing Rubik?

I saw ‘Macky’s blindfolded World Record being featured on YouTube and I immediately believed it was solveable. (The cube that is). The cube was solved blindfolded in 2 minutes 18.58 seconds and I immediately set a goal for myself which was ‘’if he can do it blindfolded, then I can do it in one minute with two hands’’. And to answer your question, I started playing with the Rubik’s Cube around August, 2006.

2. Tell me about your cubing progress.
I haven’t done much lately with cubing, I just go to competitions where Erik keeps bugging me to compete anyway. I stopped practising. I noticed that even without any practice I was almost as fast just before I’ve quit.
3. What method do you use?
I use the Cross, First Two Layers, Orientation and Permutation method. You can call it the CFOP method.
Most people refer the CFOP as the Fridrich method, but that’s not correct. In the eighties lots of people used CFOP, but Fridrich was the first one to put her algorithm’s on the internet.
4. Your occupation now?
I just applied for college. I start going to college September 1st 2010, not conservatory, because of my future plans in Indonesia!
5. What are the event that you play?
The Rubik’s Cube is definitely my favourite event, it’s the original one that everyone in the whole world recognizes and besides it doesn’t take too long to solve it nor too short.
6. What is your favorite event, why?
See previous question.
7. What do you think about speedcubing in Indonesia?
You guys were nice and enthusiastic when I first met you, hang around with you and just before I left you and I am pretty sure you guy’s are just as heartwarming for other foreign cubers.
Now about the local speedcubers, most of you just started solving the Rubik’s Cube and before most of you met sub-15 speedcubers so many of you cubers were already fast. I hope I could have inspire the few speedcubers I met in Indonesia to be original in thinking and to have your own style for solving the Rubik’s Cube.
You guys already have an Asian Record and a World Record in the pocket. I don’t have to worry about the future for Indonesian cubers.
8. What brands do you Cube?
I use solely Rubik’s Cubes. They may be bad at the beginning, but just like a violin it takes lots of practice and breaking in before reaches it’s potential.
*Also note that the way you turn affects the way the new cube ends up like. Even a dart is being broken in by its thrower
9. What is your biggest cubing accomplishment?
Being unbeaten for 26 straight rounds for one handed is definitely a nice accomplishment in my ‘modest’ opinion.
10. You are very good in OH, how you practice it? Any secret practice method?
I practiced one handed like an idiot, but before I did that I once asked Gilles van den Peereboom on how to get faster with OH and his answer was just to practice a lot.
Back my days one handed was all about turning as fast as possible, but it all changed in late 2007 when Takumi Yoshida came up with the R’-flick with your ring-, pinky finger and U-flick with your pointer finger.
I suggest you to learn the ‘’Japanese OH fingertricks’’.
11. Your cubing hero?
I learned a lot from a lot of people, but the one who really stood out was and still is Joël van Noort.
He taught and explained me about the smooth turning exercise. (Not slow, but smooth!)
12. Potential cuber?
I am not up to date with the current potential cubers, but I hear a lot of good things from my mom about the new Indonesian cubers. I refer them as ‘’Cuber Hebat’’. 😉
13. What is your next target in cubing?
When I was in Indonesia I loved to explain you guys about the cube, I hope I can help the Indonesian cubing community as much as possible in the future.
14. Would you come to Indonesia to play with us?
Yes and then we can go eat Bami GM.
15. What you hope for Indonesian cuber?
Hope… well I already know for sure you guys are going to get more WR’s so that’s what I’m rooting for. 😉

Erik Akkersdijk dan Rama Temmink team solving. Keren nih videonya.

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