Interview with Cuber : Bob Burton

Bob Burton

Bob Burton, salah seorang cuber senior tingkat dunia. Pernah menjadi World Record Holder untuk event Rubik’s Magic dan Master Magic. Serta Continental Record untuk Rubik’s Clock, Rubik’s Magic dan Master Magic. Websitenya,, sangat populer di dunia cubing. Website ini menjadi referensi untuk para cuber. Algoritma OLL dan PLL disitu termasuk dalam dalam generasi revolusioner. Beberapa cuber mengatakan, algoritma OLL dan PLL di tidak fingertrick friendly, beberapa yang lain mengatakan sangat membantu. Tapi, semua memang tergantung pada tangan anda. Tangan anda-lah yang memutuskan. Ini interview saya dengan Bob Burton. Cekidot

1.When did you start playing Rubik?

May 2001

2. Tell me about your cubing progress.

My first sub-20 average was right before Worlds 2005. I’ve been cubing for more than 9 years now!

3. What method do you use?

Fridrich method

4. Your occupation now?

High school math teacher

5. What are the event that you play?

I compete in almost everything except big cube BLD and feetsolving.

6. What is your favorite event, why?

My favorite event is of course the 3x3x3 speedsolve.

7. What do you think about cubing in Indonesia?

I am glad the community in Indonesia is getting stronger.

8. What brands do you Cube?

I use just about any good DIY.

9. what is your biggest cubing accomplishment?

My world records in Magic, even though they are long gone, were special accomplishments for me.

10. Your is very powerfull, can you share something about this site?

I made the website to provide a resource with videos for people to learn from.

11. Your PLL/OLL algorithm is used by many cuber, where you got those algo?That’s so nice algo.

Most of my original algorithms were from Dan Harris and Peter’s Magical Fingertricks. Over time, I changed many algorithms from experience and learning from others.

12. Some cuber your OLL/PLL algo is not hand friendly, what do you think bout this?

Some algorithms I use are not good for others. That is why I suggest looking at many algorithms before choosing one. Looking at only the algorithms from my website would be silly because there are many other good algorithms around.

13. Do you use this algo for yourself?

I use all the algorithms listed on my website (except for a couple that I haven’t updated yet).

14. Would you come to Indonesia to play with us?

If the cost to travel was cheap enough, I would love to come for a competition.

15. What you hope for Indonesian cuber?

I wish you guys the best of luck!

Team Blindfold : Craig Bouchard dan Bob Burton

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