Interview with Cuber : Shotaro Makisumi a.k.a Macky

Macky bersama dengan Mom (Maria Oey) saat German Open 2010

Shotaro Makisumi, atau lebih dikenal dengan nickname Macky. Namanya sudah menjadi legenda di dunia cubing internasional. Salah satu revolusioner dalam cubing. Macky merupakan former World Record holder untuk banyak event seperti 3×3, 3×3 BLD, 3×3 OH, dan 2×2. Website miliknya,, menjadi referensi bagi para cuber tingkat dunia. Yang paling mencengangkan adalah metode 3-OP untuk BLD. Pada 2006, Macky berhenti sementara dari cubing. Pada saat itu dia sedang berada dalam top-peak performance. Dunia cubing benar-benar kehilangan. Namun sejak 2009 kemarin, dia sudah kembali lagi ke dunia cubing. Dan menyodok langsung ke peringkat 10 dunia untuk single 3×3 dengan 8,50s. Banyak sekali cuber yang terinspirasi dari Shotaro Makisumi a.k.a Macky. Macky is rock!!!

1. When did you start playing Rubik?

When I was 9 (I think) , someone taught me a basic layer-by-layer method. With that I averaged about 2 minutes, until I discovered CFOP in 2002. That’s about when I started speedcubing.

2. Tell me about your cubing progress..

I stopped practicing after 2005, but I kept improving for a bit after that. Since I was in Europe this past semester and had a lot more time than usual, I started practicing again, buying the new cubes that are available these days and taking averages for the first time in years. I recently got an 11.7 average of 100, so I might still be improving.

3. What method do you use?

CFOP with lots of tricks. I’m hoping to put a big list of everything F2L soon on my site,

4. Your occupation now?

Student. Junior undergraduate at Princeton University. I was studying in Nantes, France, this spring, taking courses at Université de Nantes.

5. What are the event that you play?

3×3, 3×3 BLD, 3×3 OH, 2×2, 5×5

6. What is your favorite event, why?

The long-time favorite is of course 3×3. F2L gets deeper and deeper the longer I keep cubing. These days I’m getting into 5×5. I’m at about 1:45 average and still improving. Practice is always fun when you can feel yourself getting faster.

7. What do you think about speedcubing in Indonesia?

I only know that it’s pretty big, given the number of Indonesian cubers who find me on Facebook.

8. What brands do you Cube?

I started with store-bought in 2002. I switched to type-A when they became available and until this year. I’m now using FI and FII (FII for OH, not sure yet which is better for two hands).

9. what is your biggest cubing accomplishment?

I don’t know if I can pick one. Recently I’m very happy about the 11.99 average, but maybe I’ll beat in again.

10. Your 3-OP method is very fenomenal in BLD. Tell me about how can you find this method.

It’s not my method, though I did popularize it and gave the best-known presentation of it with algorithms for speed. In retrospect, it’s a very natural method once you decompose the cube into orientation and permutation.

11.You are former WR holder for many event. And after that, you disappear from cubing world, why?

Already in 2006, I wanted to concentrate on school (I was a junior in high school) and other activities (piano, math) and didn’t practice much. Given the little time I had, I also thought that it would be better for the community if I worked on improving my site instead of trying to get faster. I practiced while in Europe since going to competitions means traveling and meeting cubers. I do intend on competing more often, but I don’t know how much time I’ll have for cubing in the US.

12. Would you come to Indonesia to play with us?

Haha, maybe if they hold the WC in Indonesia. Traveling for any smaller competition isn’t very practical given that I usually live in the US.

13. What you hope for Indonesian cuber?

It’s cool that there are great multiBLD cubers in Indonesia. Of course I hope to see faster cubers in any category, but it’s nice to see a community concentrating and making progress on one event. That means a good deal of competition within the country, and great motivation for every other cuber around the world!

14. Who are potential cuber in your opinion?

Cornelius Dieckmann from Germany. He’s already really fast, but given that he’s only 14 and hasn’t been cubing for many years, I wouldn’t be surprised if he became one of the best soon.

15. Your cubing hero?

I’m not sure if I have anyone I would call a “hero.” But right now I like Mats Valk

Shotaro Makisumi’s Documentary

Macky Solves Rubik’s Cube While Juggling

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