Interview with Cuber : Jean Pons

Top 12 di World Championship 2005

Kali ini saya berkesempatan melakukan interview dengan seorang legenda cubing dunia. Dia adalah Jean Pons, seorang speedcuber berkebangsaan Perancis. Jean pernah menjadi pemegang World Record untuk single 3×3 dengan 11,75 pada Dutch Open 2005 dan average 4×4 pada Euro 2006. Selain itu, dia juga pernah menjadi juara dunia pada World Championship 2005 sekaligus mencatatkan European Record untuk average 3×3 di event itu dengan 15,10. European Record yang sempat dipegangnya yaitu single 3×3, average 3×3, dan single 3×3 BLD. Jean, salah seorang yang mendapat catatan waktu sub 10 saat  masih jarang cuber sub 10. Dia mendapat waktu 9,60 pada Czech Open 2008. Sekarang, dia sudah jarang bermain rubik. Meskipun begitu, dia tetap seorang legenda cubing dunia. Berikut petikan interview saya dengan dia.

1. When did you start playing Rubik?

I began cubing in 2003 July.

2. Tell me about your cubing progress.

For the progress I had a 21 avg December 2003, then broke 20 2 months later. 15 avg end of 2004, 13.5 for WC 2005 . then 11.5 was my best avg in 2009.

3. What method do you use?

I use fridrich, with very simple algorithms, maybe thats why i couldnt average sub 11 or less like today’s speedcubers.

4. Your occupation now?

I play drums, and have a part time job ( superviser for childrens in high school).

5. What are the event that you play?

The events i play : 3×3, 3×3 BLD , 4×4.

6. What is your favorite event, why?

My favourite is 3×3, because i like speed lol

7. What brands do you Cube?

For the brand I cube , its only rubik’ , bad cubes very tight.  I never spent enough time on the type of cube i should buy, i always bought my cubes in supermarket lol

8. Who is your favorite cuber, why?

My favourite cuber is definitely Feliks Zemdegs.

9. Your last official competition was WC 2009, are you quit cubing?

Since WC2009 i stopped cubing, sometime i solve 10 or 20 cubes, but it is so rare !

10. What do you think about Feliks Zemdegs?

Feliks is my favorite cubers. Why? because he seems to be a simple guy who doesn’t have “big head” like many others. Of course its also because of his amazing speed. I think I will never understand how it is possible to be so fast, even with the best algos of the world. Feliks has something more than all the cubers, but I don’t know what, i think i will call that talent.

11. What do you think about speedcubing in Indonesia?

However, Im still looking at all WCA competitions results, and concerning Indonesia cubing, The level is good in your country, a lot of good cubers.. still impressed especially by Muammad for his multiblind solves !

12. Would you come to Indonesia to play with us?

If I could go to indonesia, it would not be for speedcubing, just to visit and discover the country.

Former World Record. 11,75 by Jean Pons at Dutch Open 2005

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