Interview With Cuber : Arnaud van Galen

Virkill, Arnaud van Galen, Lars Vandenbergh, Kyky
Virkill, Arnaud van Galen, Lars Vandenbergh, Kyky di Indonesia Open 2009

Arnaud van Galen adalah salah satu cuber dunia yang memiliki prestasi bagus di dunia rubik. Dia pernah menjadi 2nd World Record Holder untuk kategori FMC (Fewest Move Challenge). Arnaud juga adalah penemu dari metode AVG, salah satu metode untuk menyelesaikan big cubes yang diberi nama sesuai dengan inisialnya. Dengan metode ini, Erik Akkersdijk berhasil mendapatkan WR untuk 4×4. Dia sempat datang ke Indonesia untuk mengikuti Indonesia Open 2009. Di tengah kesibukannya yang beragam,  saya sempat meng-interview dia via message Facebook. berikut petikan wawancaranya :

1. When did you start playing Rubik?
I started the Rubiks cube during the first craze in the early eighties when I was about 9. I used a beginners method that is very much like the “Dan Brown” method and used vaseline to lube my Rubiks cube. I lost interest after a couple of years and never got much faster than 1 minute. I restarted cubing 4 years ago and have since been cubing at least once a week.

2. What brands do you Cube?
I have tried almost all brands during the last 4 years and like Rubiks Do-It-Yourself and Type-F the most for 3x3x3. For 4x4x4 and 5x5x5 I have used Rubiks/Eastsheen/Mefferts and am currently using Mefferts/V-Cube

3. What method do you use?
I use a very advanced beginners method called keyhole (also known as working corner). For the last layer I use 4 looks. I can also use the F2L method but it is slower for me because I don’t practise. For bigcubes I use Centers – AVG Edge Pairing (obviously, because I invented that method) – 3x3x3

4. What are the event that you play?
I do all events except feet and big cubes blind (not yet)

5. What is your favorite event, why?
My favorite event is FMC because a good result relies more on knowledge and insight than on fingers speed and the amount of algorithms you have studied. I also love big cubes and blind

6. What you hope for Indonesia cuber?
I hope for them to become an even closer community with lots of friends and “outside-cubing-meetings”. I also hope for them to have the ability to go to more WCA competitons, both inside and outside of Indonesia. And I hope to meet many of them in 2010 🙂

7. What do you think about speedcubing in Indonesia?
Indonesia is a big country and many people don’t have lots of money. That means organising competitions with many competitors is hard. I was amazed about the amount of people that came to the competition. I also had a couple of informal cube meetings before the competitions and could see that the level was already pretty high and that there was a good community feeling. I know the level will get higher and that I won’t be good enough for the finals next year.

8. Would you come to Indonesia again to play with us?
Yes, I will. I am planning on a 3 months trip through Asia next year and I will make sure to come to Indonesia then. Obviously I will arrange for a couple of cube-meetings

9. What your impression when you come to Indonesia Open 2009?
The tournament was very well prepared and organised, just like I was used to. The big difference was the atmosphere of anticipation. For almost all competitors this was their first competition and you could feel that. A lot of people were nervous, but also anxious to compete. The best moment for me was when I got my first (and only) sub 20 average. The best moment of the competition was when Chuck finished his multi-blind

10. Tell me about your cubing progress..
I don’t practise at home. I only cube when doing the speedsolving weekly competition or when I go to a WCA competition or a cube meeting. That means my progress is extremely slow and sometimes my times go up instead of down. My biggest progress has been on 5x5x5 where I was actually practising to get my times below 3:30 minutes (the old limit to do an average). Everytime I improved the limit to do an average also became stricter but I just kept improving untill I was good enough to do an average always and even to be in the finals for Euro 2008.

11. what is your biggest cubing accomplishment?

Making AVG edge pairing popular. I made some popular tutorials and I personnaly taught Erik and saw him break the WR with it many times. I am also very proud of my FMC results, my 5x5x5 average, my 4x4x4 single and about all the experiences I gathered from travelling and going to over 50 WCA competitions.

Arnaud van Galen saat di Indonesia Open 2009

Jakarta, 24 Desember 2009

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