Interview with Cuber : Rowe Hessler

Rowe Hessler saat memecahkan WR untuk Single BLD

Rowe Hessler adalah salah seorang cuber papan atas dunia. Pria asal Amerika ini sudah malang melintang selama kurang lebih 5 tahun di dunia cubing. Pernah menjadi World Record Holder untuk single Blindfolded, dan sekarang dia menjadi World Record Holder untuk 2×2 average dengan 2,45 detik. Untuk single 2×2, Rowe menjadi peringkat kedua dunia dengan 1,03 detik, tipis sekali bedanya dengan rekor dunia 0,96 detik milik Erik Akkerdisjk. Selain itu, dia juga handal di event One Handed, peringkat 3 dunia menjadi miliknya untuk event One Handed average. Intinya, dia jago di hampir semua bidang speed kubus dan juga Blindfolded.
Di tengah kesibukannya, dia masih sempat meluangkan waktunya untuk interview. Berikut ini petikannya :

1. When did you start playing Rubik?

5 years ago
2. Tell me about your cubing progress.

I progress very slowly. I started with the Petrus method, and i realized I couldnt get much faster then 15 seconds with it, so i decided to switch to Fridrich in 2007. This switch really slowed down my progress.

3. What method do you use?

I use the Fridrich Method with color neutral cross.

4. Your occupation now?

I am a student at St. Joseph’s College in New York.
5. What are the event that you play?

I like 3x3x3, 2x2x2, and One Handed.
6. What is your favorite event, why?

onehanded is my favorite event because is just so fun 😀
7. What do you think about speedcubing in Indonesia?

I don’t know much about Indonesian cubing aside from the crazy multiple blindfolded people out there, but I’m sure you all are great people 😀
8. What brands do you Cube?

I use the Fii cube, and I don’t think I will ever switch.
9. what is your biggest cubing accomplishment?

My biggest cubing accomplishment would have to be my 2.45 2x2x2 WR average.
10. You are very good at BLD, what do you think about BLD in the world now? And in Indonesia?

After I broke the WR of 52.27 seconds last year,I decided to take a break from BLD. This was a very big mistake, seeing how Haiyan has the WR now 20 seconds faster. I hope to get back to my old speed, but it will take a lot of practice. As for Indonesian BLDers, I see that the NR is almost sub1! Very fast! You guys also amaze me how you can do so many cubes blindfolded in one hour! 16?!?! Incredible!
11. Would you come to Indonesia to play with us?

I would love to, but right now I am short on money. Maybe sometime in the future.
12. What you hope for Indonesian cuber?

I hope you all never quit and don’t be discouraged by others, never stop trying to be the best you can be.

Rowe Hessler on WCA

World Record 2×2 average 2,45 s Rowe Hessler

Pangkalpinang, 6 Mei 2010

2 respons untuk ‘Interview with Cuber : Rowe Hessler’

  1. Very inspiring. I belive at least there’s more than 10 indonesian cubers can do 12 cube in one hour @ MBLD. Haiyan zhuang will come to Indonesian championship next july. Can rowe come too?

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