Interview with Cuber : Kai Jiptner

Kai Jiptner

Kai Jiptner, cuber asal Jerman. Adalah BLD Master papan atas dunia. Sempat memegang World Record untuk event Multi BLD dengan 10/10 sebelum dipecahkan oleh Tong Jiang dengan 15/15. Prestasi lain adalah menjadi Rubik’s Cube World Championship 2009 Winner untuk event 4×4 BLD. Seperti diketahui, Jerman adalah negara tempat para cuber Multi BLD tingkat dunia. Banyak BLD master berasal dari Jerman. Dan sekarang Indonesia disebut-sebut sebagai The New Germany karena meroketnya prestasi para cuber Indonesia di event BLD dan Multi BLD. Kai Jiptner juga dikenal sangat dekat dengan Mom (Maria Oey).

1. When did you start playing Rubik?
I started speedcubing during September 2006, when I was sick and looking around youtube. I stumbled across Ryan Patricio’s 20.09 World Record One-Handed solve and I immediately wanted to learn how to do this.

2. Tell me about your cubing progress.
After learning how to solve the cube I was trying to get faster on my own with an ineffective beginners method. I just started doing my own research after a month. Then I learned from a couple of Websites: Macky’s (, Dan Harris’ ( and Joel van Noort’s ( My new goal was a sub-20 average, which I achieved in May 2007. In the process I also started practicing the other events. After a while I became one of the best speedcubers in Germany, ranking top-10 in (I think) every event at some point. I won 5 German champion titles (3×3 once) and became world champion for 4×4 blindfolded. Of course I was fortunate to practice when the German scene was not that big and not many people in the world were taking blindcubing as serious as now.

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